(Note: the domain aladdin.com, formerly owned by Aladdin Enterprises, is now owned by SafeNet, formerly Aladdin Knowledge Systems.)

Aladdin Enterprises is a small business located in California, U.S.A. We were founded in 1986 and are privately owned. We write music, and also sometimes develop software: see below for details.

Aladdin Enterprises strongly supports organizations that defend users' rights on the Net. See 'Defending freedom on the Net' below for more information.

Aladdin Enterprises also has strong positions about some other aspects of public policy, including privacy, truthfulness / scientific accuracy in public discourse, and the political process generally. If any of these issues interest you, please see at http://www.major2nd.com/issues/.

If you would like to contact us about this site, please send e-mail to webmaster at major2nd.com. (We don't provide a "mailto" link, because there is no way to prevent spammers from harvesting it. See http://spam.abuse.net for more information.)

Our services

Our business is writing original music, and sometimes lyrics. We write "art" (as opposed to "popular") music, mostly for small instrumental ensembles, a capella voice(s), or voice(s) plus piano. We have experience in a wide variety of styles ranging from medieval chant to serial and other modern idioms. We self-publish our works, and distribute them through J.W. Pepper (http://www.jwpepper.com/sheet-music/search.jsp?publishers=Aladdin Enterprises). You can see some of our unpublished music at http://www.major2nd.com/ae/music/.

We formerly provided small-scale software consulting and development services, and can still sometimes be persuaded to do so. We have many decades of experience developing in C, as well as very substantial experience with Python and JavaScript. Our former expertise in Smalltalk, Lisp, assembler, and microcode is extensive but rusty, as is minor experience with Java and Tcl. We have expertise in page description languages (PostScript, PDF, and PCL), interpreters (including the first Lisp implementation for a microcomputer), compilers (including the first commercial-quality just-in-time compiler for Smalltalk), and software development tools (including some of the Interlisp tools that received the 1992 ACM Software System Award).

If you have been getting unwanted mail from "Aladdin"

We've gotten occasional unsolicited commercial mass e-mail (UCE) from other companies named Aladdin. We do not send and have never sent unsolicited advertisements. If you've been getting repeated advertisements from a company named Aladdin, please be assured that this is not us. Please check the "headers" on the mail you get (the stuff at the very beginning, before the "From", "To", and "Subject"), as well as the "From" and "Sender" lines.

If you get UCE from any company, we encourage you to forward it (including the full mail system headers) to the "abuse" mailbox at the sender's domain.

Defending freedom on the Net

Aladdin Enterprises strongly supports organizations that defend users' rights on the Net. This includes freedom of speech and publication, freedom to read (including "fair use" under copyright), privacy (from both government and businesses), and freedom from spam (unsolicited bulk mailing for which the recipient is forced to pay a cost in money or time). Here are some links to sites with more information on these important issues:

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is a leading defender of free speech on the Net.
The Electronic Privacy Information Center is a leading defender of users' privacy rights.
The Cyber-Liberties project of the American Civil Liberties Union helps defend civil liberties in cyberspace.
Peacefire is a leading opponent of "censorware".
This page has a good list of spam-fighting resources.
This is another good source of information about spam and how to fight it.

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