Personal home page of L. Peter Deutsch


Welcome to the personal home page of L. Peter Deutsch. This page is, and probably always will be, under construction.

Biographical information

I grew up in Cambridge, Massachusetts, but have lived in the San Francisco (California) Bay Area since 1964. I currently live in Menlo Park, California, about 30 miles southeast of San Francisco.


I am a composer, writing "art" (as opposed to "popular") music for small vocal and/or instrumental ensembles. My professional home page is at My personal home page related to music is here.

Before July 2002, I was a software developer.

Interests and activities

I sing in the Cantabile Chorale. We went to Italy on a singing tour in the summer of 2003: here are some pictures from the tour.

Home life

I love the garden around my house, which has some of the feel of both a park and a meadow. Here are some pictures taken in the garden in March 2003:

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