Music in my life

Music I've written

The better pieces of music I've written are offered to the public by Aladdin Enterprises: see here for the catalog.

Music notation

I use Mup, from Arkkra Enterprises, as my notation program. It is easy to learn and fast on its feet, and produces very nice-looking scores. The authors are incredibly responsive not only in terms of fixing bugs, but in responding to requests for added features. It is free, comes with full source code, and runs on every widely used OS.

I enhance Mup with a large collection of macros that simplify common tasks like making nice-looking instrumental parts (including dealing with written vs. concert pitch). Here is a snapshot of these macros as of January 2014. Comments, bug fixes, and suggestions for improvement are welcome, but please do not ask questions about how to use them, even though I know the documentation is far from adequate.

Music study

I took music courses at Stanford from 2003 to 2008. Here is some material I created to help me with these courses. (These are based on notes I took during lectures, or on my own consideration of the course material: they are not copied from a textbook or any other work.)

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