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Vocal music

All vocal music is a capella except as noted.


The Holly and the Ivy (2012) (PDF, MIDI) 3:00. SATB with flute.
A Winter's Rime (2011) (PDF, MIDI) 2:05. SATB with English horn.
O Vos Omnes (2011) (PDF, MIDI) 5:30.
HaZan et hakol (Nourisher of all) (2007) (PDF, MIDI) 1:55.
Give More Love (2007) (PDF, MIDI) 2:30. (chorus with or without soli).
Laetemur hodie (2006) (PDF, MIDI) 1:05. (small or large chorus).
Lux Aeterna (1989, 2002) (PDF, MIDI) 5:35. (small chorus).
Sonnet 116 (1989, 2001) (PDF, MIDI) 1:30. (small chorus).
May 1988 (1988) (PDF, MIDI) 1:15. (small chorus).

Other mixed voices

The Dimensions of Love (2011) (PDF, MIDI) 2:50. SSATB. (Commissioned by the Bay Choral Guild.)
A Fisherman of the Inland Sea (2010) (PDF, MIDI) 10:00. SSATB with wood blocks and temple bells (preferably played by chorus members).
De Profundis (2008) (PDF, MIDI) 2:35. SATBB.
Where Everything is Music (2005) (PDF, MIDI) 4:00. SSATB (small chorus).
The Maskmaker's Shop (2004) (PDF, MIDI) 2:50. SSATBB (soli or small chorus).

Men's voices

Leaving the Light (2011) (PDF, MIDI) 2:50. TBB with optional piano or guitar.
Brethren and Lovers (2007) (PDF, MIDI) 3:00. TTBB and piano. (Commissioned by the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus.)

Women's voices

Where Everything is Music (2012) (PDF, MIDI) 4:25. SSAA with piano and soprano sax; also available for clarinet. (Commissioned by Arizona Women in Tune.)
Mi Sheberakh (2012) (PDF, MIDI) 2:10. SSAA.
De Humanitate (2005) (PDF (Latin), PDF (English), MIDI) 1:30. SSAA (small chorus or soli).

Solo voice

When you are old and gray (2011) (PDF, MIDI) 5:30. Baritone voice and piano; also available for Soprano, Tenor, or Bass voice.
Trust in Tomorrow (2007) (PDF, MIDI) 1:50. Bass voice and guitar or piano.
Three Whitman lieder (2006), Bass voice and piano: Loveliest of Trees (2004) (PDF, MIDI) 1:35. Soprano voice and piano.

Rounds (for any 4 equal vocal parts, except as noted)

The Full Moon Rises Over the Trees (2009) (PDF, MIDI).
Rock to Earth (2007) (PDF, MIDI).
Sun, Moon, Wind, Rain (2007) (PDF, MIDI).
Autumn Round (2006) (PDF, MIDI).
Angel Island Round (2000) (PDF, MIDI).

Keyboard music

Three piano etudes (2009): Etude 07/05 #2 (2005) (PDF, MIDI) 1:40. Piano.
Prelude in G Minor (2004) (PDF, MIDI) 1:15. Piano.
Fugue in C 12/03 (2003) (PDF, MIDI) 1:40. Piano.
Piano etude in C (2003) (PDF, MIDI) 0:50. Piano or harpsichord.

Instrumental music

Parts are available for all instrumental music, at either written (transposed) or concert pitch.

What Goes Around (2012) (PDF, MIDI) 2:15. Piano trio.
Departure (2010). String quartet.

Journey's End (2010). Clarinet (PDF, MIDI) or alto sax (PDF, MIDI) and piano. 4:20.
A Floating Leaf (2009) (PDF, MIDI) 3:30. Alto sax and piano.
Love in the Afternoon (2008) (PDF, MIDI) 3:00. Woodwind quintet.
Sunset at Montélimar (2008) (PDF, MIDI) 3:30. Flute, cello, piano.
Three Cats Suite (2008). Brass quintet.
5/4 Fugue in G Major (2006) (PDF, MIDI) 2:25. Brass quintet.
Light in Winter (2006). Flute, oboe, clarinet in Bb. De Humanitate (instrumental version) (2006) (PDF, MIDI) 1:30. Flute, oboe, clarinet in Bb, horn in F.
La Chasse aux Rêves (2004). Oboe / English horn, clarinet in Bb, bassoon, horn in F, piano. Martin Deutsch memorial: opening (2002) (PDF, MIDI) 3:15. String trio.
50th Anniversary Sonata (for Suzanne and Martin Deutsch) (1989) (PDF, MIDI) 3:50. String trio.

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